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Laboratory Chocolate Machinery


Lab chocolate machine


This range of laboratory chocolate machinery has been developed to assist the professional chocolatier with their recipe formulations, product trials, raw material tests and other work not otherwise possible on large-scale production machinery.



All the machines have been designed with the user in mind and have
the following features;

• Minimal maintenance requirements
• Easy to use machine controls
• Good accessibility for cleaning and routine maintenance
• Fully guarded movements ensuring operator safety
• Low noise levels
• Designed and manufactured to ‘CE’ regulations



The range of machinery includes a conche, plate temperer and refiner.
Further details of these machines are given below;






Laboratory Chocolate conche

This machine is perfectly suited for chocolate production with
specially designed arms for rapid mixing. The arms can be rotated in
either clock-wise or anti-clockwise directions. The machine also has a
PLC with touch-screen type operator interface unit.

Technical details
Dimensions: 1000mm x 900mm x 1300mm high
Drive: 4kw, 3ph
Nett weight: 550kgs
Batch capacity: 40 litres





Laboratory temperer

Laboratory Tempering machine

This vertical type Lab tempering machine has 6 plates and 3 separate
tempering zones, each with its own water pump/controls ensuring
perfect temperature control. The central shaft is driven by a geared
motor and drives the plate scrapers, which mix the chocolate.
The variable speed chocolate pump transfers the chocolate through
the machine. A PLC with operator interface unit ensures tight
tolerances and high product quality.

Technical details
Dimensions: 800mm x 900mm x 1500mm high
Drive: 1.5kw, 3ph
Nett weight: 350kgs
Capacity: 30kg/hr.








5-roll refiner

This refiner allows the use of crystal sugar due to the crushing process
between the rolls. This helps to eliminate the humidity present in the
finished product. It is also possible to achieve a very fine particle size
as low as 25 microns without any product damage due to overheating.
The system using water-cooled rolls is more preferable to other types
of refining sytems, giving a better fineness and flavour to the finished

Technical details
Dimensions: 1050mm x 750mm x 1650mm high
Drive: 5.5kw, 3ph
Nett weight: 750kgs
Capacity: 25-40kg/hr.