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Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Machines

A.M.P Rose supplies new and rebuilt flow-wrapping machinery for a variety of different products and applications;


We produce two versions of the 'Premiertronic' machine, a smaller machine suitable for most products and a special large machine, which has been specifically designed for multi-packs of crisps and snackfoods. 

Standard Machine        Multipack Machine


A.M.P Rose engineers are experts in the refurbishment and upgrading of Flow Wrapping Machinery.

With our team of fully trained engineers we offer a complete service to our customers. This service includes the refurbishment of complete machines, or just the machine modules (e.g. crimp and seam seal); the rewire of machines to the latest legislation; the upgrade of mechanical machines to servo drive technology; the design and supply of size parts and the on-site installation and commissioning of machines.

The number of customers who return to us time and time again highlights proof of our success. Some of the customers who have benefited from our service are : Cadbury Schweppes, Trebor Bassett Ltd., Nestle, Jacobs Bakery, Mars, Walkers Snack Foods, Manor Bakeries, United Biscuits, Tryton Foods, Zeneca etc. Machines are sent to the A.M.P Rose factory from all around the world.

Our full reconditioning specification for a machine is as follows:-

  • Replacement of old print registration systems
  • Conversion of drive systems from DC to AC inverter dives
  • Re-wire to customer specification and latest legislation
  • Conversion of machine to run heat seal wrapping material
  • Conversion of mechanical machine to single axis servo drive with print registration
  • Conversion of mechanical machine to full three axis servo drive
  • Second material reel and splicing system
  • Various types of reject systems
  • Various types of coders and printers can be fitted

In addition to the above we refurbish existing feeding systems or design and manufacture new feeding systems to suit a customers application.

We shall be pleased to work with you to establish the best solutions to suit your budget.

You are welcome to visit our factory in Gainsborough where we can show you examples of our refurbishment work and upgrade options. We can also arrange to visit your site and survey your existing machines.

Heapham Road North, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 1QU England.
Telephone:    +44 (0) 1427 611969                  Fax: +44 (0) 1427 616854    E-Mail: info@amp-rose.com

Due to the company policy of continuous improvement we reserve the right to change any or all specifications without prior notice.