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A.M.P-Rose DC100/200 Die Cleaner

Candy die cleaning machineThis machine is designed to overcome the generally messy, inefficient and unhygienic methods normally used to clean and sterilize dies.

The unit is bolted to the floor and is supplied complete with a collector tank and local pipework - the cleaner only needs to be connected to the water, steam and drain services to be operational.

The die is rotated by a large diameter hand wheel, which actuates the plungers continuously to ensure complete steam cleaning of shafts, guides, return springs and behind inaccessible plunger heads

All parts are finished in stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials.

Two models are available:
DC100 - to clean and sterilize dies used in DF72 Candyformer, Die Formers 160A, 160B, 160C and CF4 machines.
DC200 - to clean and sterilize dies used in 67A /85A rotary Die Formers.

Floor area required: 1.2m x 1.2m
Height: 1.44m
Services required: Steam, Water, Drain: Pressures not critical (2 - 6.9 bar / 30-100psi)
Approx. Nett. Weight: 101 kg


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