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Carugil Lollipop And Gum Ball Machinery.

A.M.P Rose is pleased to be the exclusive representative for the sales and marketing in the UK, Ireland and South Africa, for CARUGIL of Spain.

CARUGIL supplies numerous customers worldwide in the Lollipop and Gum Ball Confectionery industries.

The ball gum forming line compromises of all processes from the kneading and extrusion to the ball forming and wrapping in flow-pack.

 The present line is suitable for products such as bubble gum, toffee and chewy candy.

 The most appealing revolutionary shapes, with perfect fillings of powder, granulated or semi-liquid products, become a reality with the ball forming lines.

 A maximum output in the forming machine of 60 meters per minute of continuous cord, makes this line the most profitable in the market.

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