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Batch kneader

Batch kneader for hard candy processing

The A.M.P Rose batch kneaders are designed to provide the user with increased levels of manufacturing automation and product consistency. Two machine sizes are available, one for up to 40 kgs batch size and the larger one for up to 70 kgs batch size.


The sugar mass is placed onto the water-cooled machine plate and is kneaded by two water-cooled arms. The mass is kneaded and folded as the table rotates, ensuring even kneading and mixing-in of the colours and flavours.

The rotating movement of the table and the kneading movements of the arms are performed by hydraulic cylinders, which are robust and durable. The movements of the arms and table are controlled by the machine’s PLC.

The kneading machine is usually equipped with a lifting device, which lifts the bowl from the flavour mixer onto the working table. The operator can easily pour the mass onto the table, before closing the safety cover and setting the machine in motion.

40kg model: 3400 x 1300 x 1850mm
70kg model: 4200 x 1550 x 1850mm


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