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A.M.P Rose Belt Coating machine

The A.M.P Rose belt coater is a chocolate panning machine used to cover dragee centres such as nuts, dried fruits, fondant centres etc with chocolate or chocolate like (fat-based) masses.

Unlike the traditional rotary pans, belt coaters give greater capacity, are easier to clean, require less operator skill and create less noise. They are also easily loaded and un-loaded.

The machine comprises of a polypropylene belt supported by three sets of driving sprockets forming a U shape suitable for the rolling action of the centres. The belt is driven by a variable speed geared motor, which can also be operated in reverse for un-loading purposes.

A water-jacketed chocolate feed bar is mounted above the belt and is used to feed the liquid chocolate equally over the products to be coated. A stainless steel hood is provided for distributing the chilled air evenly over the products as they rotate.

All these machine components are housed inside a fabricated enclosure with interlocked safety switches where appropriate. A clear un-breakable guard covers the front of the machine and a light is fitted inside the cabinet for better visibility.

The liquid chocolate is fed to the drip bar by a variable speed chocolate pump mounted on top of the machine frame. Suitable chocolate storage tanks and jacketed pipework can also be supplied if required, for one or more coating machines. The machine is supplied with an air extraction fan, which ensures the correct flow of air through the machine used to set the chocolate as it is applied to the centre.

Scrap drawers are provided underneath the belt to collect any wasted chocolate.

All electrical components are housed inside a sealed enclosure away from the product area.

Optional extras

  • Rotating stainless steel side wheels
  • Chocolate spray system rather than drip bar
  • Multiple drip/spray bars for layered products
  • Machine mounted on load cells to check product weight and control chocolate pump
  • Heated belt scraper
  • PLC system to automatically control machine functions such as belt speed, chocolate pump, extraction fan, inlet to chilled air valve etc. Complete with operator interface unit. Suitable for up to 10 pre-set recipes.
  • Automatic discharge/take-away conveyors
  • Suitable refrigeration plant
  • Chocolate holding tank/pipework/valves etc for one or more machines

Technical specifications


250kgs/hr. depending on product

Electrical supply

3 phase, voltage to suit

Belt drive

1.5kw variable speed.

Extraction fan

0.4kw 1200cfm

Chocolate pump drive


Nett weight


Services required

Feed of liquid chocolate to the pump
Chilled air @ 10 C, 50-55% R.H, 1000cfm.
Hot water jacket to the chocolate manifold

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