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A.M.P-Rose Type 1300 Continuous Batch Cooker

1300 btach vacuum candy cooker

The AMP Rose Type 1300 is an automatic and continuous batch vacuum cooker suitable for the production of up to 1300 Kg / hr (2860 lbs / hr) of high boiled sugar.

The machine can be supplied to handle either a cold slurry of raw materials or a precooked / pre-dissolved sugar solution.

The cooker comprises of an insulated steel steam pressure vessel, one variable speed product feed pump, one product heating coil, a vapour extraction chamber and two receiving pans, all of which are mounted on a common base plate.

The vacuum pump, motor and condenser are mounted on a base plate attached to the side of the machine.

One variable speed stainless steel product pump feeds the slurry through a heating coil and into a vacuum extraction chamber above the vacuum bowl. At this point most of the boiling vapors are drawn off. The plastic sugar then passes, via an adjustable valve, to the receiving pan for vacuum treatment.

The two receiving pans automatically change position as the vacuum is released. For safety the filled pan cannot be tipped until a catch is lifted.

With the exception of the manual tipping of the filled pans the whole process is automatic once the required running conditions have been set.

An automatic variable controller can be fitted to ensure close tolerances of temperatures.

Alternative Arrangement
The Type 1300 can be arranged as a continuous cooker for feeding the product to a stainless steel tempering conveyor.

Maximum 1300 Kg/hr (2860 lbs/hr)

Vacuum Pump: 11 kW 1500 rpm
Syrup pump: 3 kW 0 -1000 rpm

Steam Working Pressure
Maximum 10 bar (150 psi)

Steam Consumption
340 Kg/hr maximum

Water Consumption
1250 Litres/hr

Nett Weight
Approximately 2600 Kgs

Approximately 2800mm

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